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JOANNA ALINA – Single – “Breath By Breath”
Pop rock , Acoustic, Pop Country

She hardly looks old enough to be out of High School but Melbourne singer songwriter JOANNA ALINA has been a Doctor at St.Vincents, The Alfred and Epworth Hospitals for nearly 5 years already as well as pursuing her passion from music. Her latest release is a strong pop rock track well worthy of the charts in Australia.

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Other album reviews

EMMA JAYNE – New EP in 2019
Swan Reach, SA
Country pop

Singer songwriter EMMA JAYNE will be releasing a new EP in early 2019 with news the Swan Reach born performer has scored a grant from the Helpmann Academy to record 6 original tracks for a new album. The Academy is supporting 22 projects worth $49,600 including the University of Adelaide student and singer songwriter Emma Jayne.

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FINDING FAITH – ‘Finding Faith’
Las Vegas NV
Pop worship

The self-titled debut release for FINDING FAITH is now available everywhere and what a classic album this will become. The bond in writing and musicianship between Canadian Pastor Tim Dunfield and Aussie, Andrew Tierney, still a part of the Las Vegas based boy band Human Nature, is extraordinary and the resulting 12 tracks on the album are still on rotation in the Aussie Grown studio.

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