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The album of the week this week is…

AMY SAVIN – Single “It’s A Good Life”
Sydney NSW / Nashville TN
Rock pop

Holding citizenship of three countries now, Nashville based AMY SAVIN has finally ventured into the studio to record her first new music in several years of writing and becoming married. A few of her songs have been written for others but now she has released two new singles in January. This week we feature the first single and next week we will hear the second.

See more at: Amy Savin


New music galore becoming available in these first few weeks of 2019, looks like being a full year indeed…

MAYFAIR LANE – Single ”Go Again”
Wodonga VIC
Acoustic pop

This is the debut single from the debut full length release from Mayfair Lane. The young married couple head out next month for a year-long tour of Australia and are willing to play anywhere they can. If you would like to organize a gig – at a venue or a house concert – hit up the Mayfair Lane facebook page.

See more at: Mayfair Lane

Sydney NSW / London UK

London based Sydney singer songwriter LUCY MASON is also releasing new music with a single currently rotating and one due early next month. Both are excellent tracks and should be on your device, check out “Runway” the current song for Lucy Mason.

See more at: Lucy Mason