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Sunshine Coast QLD
Soul, blues

David Willersdorf’s catalogue of songs have been sung and recorded by Grammy award winners and nominees and by a diverse range of artists across the world. As a singer/songwriter, David has toured extensively, especially in his home country of Australia.

Recently David’s music took a fresh direction when he recorded his latest album Fire This Love in Nashville, Tennessee. The album was produced by incredible Australian artist Rick Price (Heaven Knows, Walk Away Renee, Not a Day Goes By). Also joining David on the album were not one but two Grammy award winners in engineers Richard Dodd and Vance Powell.

David’s upbringing was as the son of a preacher man, Brian Willersdorf.  “I grew up with the music of gospel greats André Crouch, Larry Norman, Barry McGuire, Don Francisco, Evie and many others – many of whom I actually met at my Dad’s rallies, not knowing how famous they were,” remembers David. “As a child, often my mum would put me to bed under the front row of seats at these rallies where thousands of people would congregate to listen to my Dad speak and also to hear the music of such incredible local and international artists.”

The melody-driven songs of that era seem to have stayed with David in his recent release which is reminiscent of the songwriters of his youth.
“As a family, we would sing along to The Platters, Carole King, Johnny Cash, The Beach Boys and others as we drove from Australian town to town. We’d all harmonise with each other and with whichever artist was on the cassette player. Some of my happiest memories are of those times and all the music that accompanied us,” says David.

When he isn’t on tour, David is currently based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia.

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